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About Slope

What is Slope?

Slope is an exciting ball-rolling game. In this slope game, the player is responsible for controlling a neon ball that rolls forward on an endless slope.

Famous as a phenomenon in the online gaming community, Slope Game has received enthusiastic support from many gamers. This game pays attention to the design of its images and gameplay. Players who play it once will find it exciting and want to play it repeatedly.

Game rules

Mission: In Slope, the player controls a neon ball to overcome obstacles and reach the farthest distance possible. Until now, no player can see what secrets the game will have at the end. Can you achieve a new record that no one has ever conquered in this game? To achieve a high score, players must avoid collisions with obstacles and keep the ball rolling on the track, not falling out. If you cannot ensure these precautions, it is game over.

Controls: Players direct the ball using A/D or left/right arrow keys.

Tips for playing Slope game

  • Game arrow symbols for acceleration
  • Try always to keep the ball in the center of the track to handle situations easily
  • Concentrate highly so as not to be surprised when facing challenges
  • Understand the game rules and controls before starting the journey

Slope 3

Slope 3 is a newer version of Slope Game. The Slope 3 is improved and upgraded smoother and has more features. If you are an aesthetically pleasing player, catch this game with bright neon colors. In particular, Slope 3 is an impressive game for gamers who need a challenge; it will take them to more dangerous and difficult slopes than the Slope game.

If you've played Slope before and want to try something new with a more modern interface, go for Slope 3. Anyway, both of these Slope games offer a fun and challenging experience. You can also try both and see which one you like better. Remember to let us know your answer!

Game release: Greenlight released Slope 3 at the end of 2021. It quickly became popular and received many comments of love and support from gamers worldwide.

Outstanding features of the Slope Game


Like other games, the rankings are always a place to honor players with exemplary achievements. Based on your score, Slope Game will update and help you appear on the game's rankings. Currently, the game record holder is a player nicknamed Biggie with a score of 6,900,001. However, any record can change at any time. It's just a matter of whether the person making that change is you. Good luck!

Slope Game offers 4 different parts in the rankings: Today, 7 Days, 30 Days, and All Time. If your performance is good enough, you can regularly update the information on these rankings to find your rank. In addition, even if your achievements are not enough to rank, the game also uses statistics to let you know the highest score you have ever achieved. Based on that, you try to beat your record every day.

Graphics of Slope Game

In addition to exciting gameplay, the game's graphics are also outstanding compared to other games of the same genre. With enough neon light themes, the game glows in every corner. Whether it's the ball, the race, or the obstacle, every item in the game has a neon light effect. Slope Game makes the game's graphics much more prominent and eye-catching and attracts the attention of even the most demanding gamers.

Additional features

  • Obstacles appear suddenly and densely
  • The game's track changes frequently. It can be narrowed or tilted, making the game more challenging
  • Slope is a fast game; be ready to go with the ball through all challenges
  • Give yourself a nickname


Does the game speed change?

Yes. The farther you conquer, the faster the game speed becomes. Then, take advantage of your flexibility and sensitivity to master Slope Game.

How can I appear on the leaderboard?

First of all, set your nickname. If your score is high, you will be honored there. But even if your score is high, you need to remember to set your nickname to be ranked.

Are there any opponents during the game?

No. This game focuses on entertaining players. You will not need to compete with anyone during the game. Just visit, play and enjoy it even if it's just you.

Where can I play Slope?

This game best serves gamers when you use a PC and enjoy it on a web browser.