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Rolling Ball


Rolling Ball - Introduction

Rolling Ball is an impressive 3D entertainment game. Conquer the game's special tracks and discover interesting things. Are you ready? Play the game now.

This online game provides gamers with an attractive entertainment platform where they can freely kill time anytime without worrying about being blocked. Furthermore, this game also shows its specialness in both gameplay and design. Let's discover interesting facts about Rolling Ball.

Master Rolling Ball


The player's task when participating in Rolling Ball is to bring the ball past dangers. Because the game's track is very winding and bumpy while the ball can only roll straight forward. It needs you to guide you to turn when necessary. Therefore, be very focused and quickly give instructions when the ball needs to turn. Once the ball goes off the track, you will also lose.

Similar to Slope Cyber, Rolling Ball also offers a lot of diamonds. They are placed everywhere on the track, try to collect them. Each diamond will bring you 5 points. The more they collect, the higher the score you get.

Rolling Ball controls

The player clicks the mouse to help the ball change direction.

Unlock skins in Rolling Ball

Unlike Slope, this game allows you to change the ball skin and conquer the arduous journey of the game. In particular, the only way to use those skins is if you have an excellent performance during the game. When you touch the stations, your ball will automatically be replaced with new skins. There are 3 stations in the game, meaning there are 3 different skins. But to be able to use them is not so simple. Can you do it?

In addition, Rolling Ball also impresses players with the game's diversity and flexibility regarding tracks. Every time you play this game, you will experience a new track. Basically, the tracks are different in terms of graphics, but the design and details are not exactly the same. This flexible change will create surprises and help upgrade your game experience.