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Slope Cyber


Slope Cyber is an interesting, entertaining game with a ball. The player controls the ball to roll the farthest distance possible while collecting diamonds.

Play Slope Cyber Game

Conquer the game track

The player's mission in this game is to roll, roll, and roll the ball. Because this is an endless racetrack, the more persistent and focused the player is, the farther the distance you will travel. It's an opportunity for you to improve your achievements. For each meter moved, the player will receive one point. That means if players want to get high scores, they need to conquer long distances.

At the same time, you also need to collect more diamonds. It will help you if you want to trade in Slope Cyber's store.

How to control

Use the arrow keys or A/D to direct the ball.

Compare Slope Cyber with Slope 3


  • Both are games that offer endless road pain.
  • The player's task is to conquer the road as far as possible.
  • Players need to avoid colliding with obstacles if they do not want to end the journey early.



  • Graphics focus on neon and pale blue lighting.
  • Honoring excellent players who achieve good results in the game's rankings.
  • Does not provide additional features, such as changing skins for the ball.


  • This game is designed to be more colorful for Slope.
  • In addition to avoiding obstacles, you also need to collect diamonds to shop and upgrade.
  • Although the rankings are not designed, Slope Cyber still statistics the players' achievements with the best scores they achieved.

Instructions for using diamonds

The highlight of Slope Cyber compared to some other Slope games is that you can own valuable diamonds. So, what will they be used for? With these diamonds, players can trade at the game's store, where there are many eye-catching skins. Players can own soccer, basketball, tennis balls, baseball, or even globe skins. The more special the skins, the higher the price.

Besides, you can also upgrade with diamonds. Slope Cyber allows players to use power-ups to protect the ball in dangerous situations and collect more diamonds. To do so, you need to purchase and equip those power-ups before starting the challenge. Wish you happy gaming!