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Temple Run


Temple Run continues to be an endless runner game worth trying. As an archaeologist, you are being chased by monsters in a new land. Will you escape?

What is Temple Run?

For those who have played this game, they cannot forget it, which is an internationally famous game. The name of the game also says something about it. Yeah, you're an archaeologist. When you discovered a temple in a new land, you couldn't resist going deep into the temple. But, you are discovered and chased by a monster guarding this place. The temple in Temple Run is built and designed quite specifically, it is large and has many obstacles. If you are not flexible, you will fall into the hands of the monster. Good luck!

Temple Run - Unlimited Game

Play Temple Run

Joining the game, you will have the opportunity to explore wonderful lands. Your mission is to run and jump to escape the aggressive monster. Remember, it will never give up chasing you until you make a mistake. It will always run behind you, and even with just a slight stumble, you are at risk of being killed by this monster. Therefore, always be alert and avoid any danger.

How to control

Players use WASD or arrow keys to navigate. In it, up to jump and down to slide. When moving underwater, you also use the same controls: down or S to dive. Players use the spacebar to activate power-ups.

Collect coins in the game

This is also quite important when participating in the game's challenges. With the coins you collect, you can buy power-ups in Temple Run's store. In addition, collecting coins is also an effective way to accumulate energy. When you have enough, the energy bar is full, and you can use it to activate power-ups without buying it. In addition, these power-ups also appear from time to time. Once collected, they are automatically activated.

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