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Slope Bike


Slope Bike Game

Slope Bike brings players to exciting action and performances. As a professional racer, you will both conquer challenging race tracks and perform somersaults.

Slope Bike Unblocked

Are you a professional racer, or do you like to conquer speed with your bike? Either way, Slope Bike will be a great choice for you. The game is inspired by the design of Slope Game and has been developed with interesting changes. The most prominent is the replacement of the neon ball with a racer with a motorbike, continuously overcoming all obstacles on the track. Put on your helmet, turn the throttle and start the journey!

Play the game

Similar to Slope Game, the player also controls this racer, helping him overcome each difficulty and achieve the highest score possible. How far you can drive your motorbike is how many points you get.

The game's track is very challenging as it does not stand still but continuously moves, with gaps that can make you fall out at any time. In addition, obstacles are placed everywhere. Avoid crashing into them! The speed of the Slope Bike will become faster and faster, then you should not be distracted. As long as you concentrate, you can drive the bike safely on the track. Good luck!

Explore Game Features

Slope Bike shop

The game's store is where new skins for characters are provided. They are meticulously and uniquely designed. Each skin has different colors and special details. To unlock them, you need diamonds. They cost between 100 and 2000 diamonds depending on the value and specialness. Try to collect as many diamonds as possible to own these skins.


To improve your performance and collect more diamonds, players can refer to upgrading before races. You can buy power-ups to upgrade special abilities during the Slope Bike mastering process. There are three options for players: a safety shield that helps you pass through everything, a magnet that helps attract every diamond you pass, and x2 that helps you double the number of diamonds obtained.