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Going Balls


Going Balls - Introduction

Going Balls is a rolling-ball game, which is so amazing. You will control a ball to roll to the finish line while collecting as many coins as possible.

This game is not only popular with web gamers but it is also very popular among mobile device users. The game has been released on both smartphone and PC platforms. Therefore, anyone can enjoy Going Balls and play the game anywhere, anytime.

How to Play Going Balls

Rules of the game

Similar to some other rolling-ball games, this game also provides you with an extremely impressive elevated track. Your task is to control your ball rolling on that track without any accidents. Don't let the ball go astray or fall off the track. Try to get it to the finish line to complete the level and move on to new, more attractive and challenging levels.

The player can control the ball using the arrow keys. In particular, the up key helps you speed up and go forward. Left and right keys help players direct the ball to move sideways. And the down key helps you go backwards.

Collect coins

In addition to completing the race, collecting coins is also quite important. However, whether you collect coins or not does not affect your level up. However, if players collect a lot of coins, they can unlock many skins and make Going Balls more vivid and colourful. The ball skins are presented quite diversely, they can be in the form of a watermelon, tennis ball, basketball, billiard ball,... Depending on the number of coins you have, you can unlock different skins. The way to get more coins is to collect keys to open mysterious chests that contain a lot of coins.

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