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Slope Soccer


About Slope Soccer

What is the game?

Slope Soccer is a special arcade game. With your soccer ball, how far can you conquer the road? Overcome obstacles and prove yourself in this game.

Some basic information

If Slope Multiplayer is a difference compared to other games in the Slope Games series, then Slope Soccer is also an exception. The game is a special combination of a Slope game and a soccer game. If you are a fan of both of these game series and are wondering which game to play, then this will be a perfect choice for you. Wish you happy gaming!

Tutorial To Play Slope Soccer

Your goal in the game

For this impressive game, players own a soccer ball. Your task is to control that ball rolling on a harsh track. On the track, obstacles are no longer blocks. Instead, Slope Soccer takes full advantage of the combination with soccer games, so soccer sports items will be placed here. Competitors avoid poles, coach figures, and even lawnmowers to avoid stalling. The distance you conquer in the game will be expressed in scores. Try to conquer the distance as far as possible!

Control instructions

Players use arrow keys to control the ball. Or, you can also use A/ D keys.

Some Tips

Because Slope Soccer's difference comes from its combination with soccer, there are many things that gamers need to pay attention to. Refer to the tips below to master the game:

  • Guide the ball through the goals to earn more points. Each goal gives you 100 points.
  • Similarly, each loop helps you increase your score by 30 points.
  • Meanwhile, obstacles do not end the game but cause your speed to decrease.
  • If it hits an obstacle, the ball can also be thrown out, leading to loss.
  • Go past the cannons to gain speed.