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Island Survival 3D


Island Survival 3D Introduction

What is it?

Island Survival 3D is an extremely interesting ball-rolling game. Guide your ball across challenging bridges with the goal of reaching the boat.

Game concept

Different from Slope 3, Island Survival 3D is set in a river where there are challenging bridges. If you're bored with neon, speed-focused racing tracks, why not try a slower-paced game? Yes, the game is upgraded with many sophisticated features and is especially a big step forward in gameplay. The game is designed with the track being a bridge and the destination being a small boat.

Island Survival 3D Unblocked

Play the game


  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Switch right on the screen to rotate the view towards the right.
  • Switch left on the screen to rotate the view towards the left.

Players need to complete the game's missions without letting the ball fall into the water. You know, getting to the finish line - the small boat is quite difficult. Because the game's bridge will change constantly and contain many obstacles. It may narrow, change direction or even move obstacles to push your ball off the track. Anyway, you need to guide the ball to the finish line at any cost. If the ball falls into the water, you will lose your life.

Island Survival 3D' features

  • Players are equipped with 5 lives to complete the challenge.
  • Collect diamonds on the bridge to make transactions in the game's shop.
  • Island Survival 3D includes up to 60 levels with diverse challenges.
  • Obstacles and challenges change continuously through each level, making the game more interesting.
  • In the game's store, there are many different skins for your ball. Each ball has a different value, you need to collect enough diamonds to buy them.
  • Vibrant, catchy sounds help make the player's game experience interesting.