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Neon Ball


Neon Ball brings gamers to an exciting online platform where you can solve many puzzles. Control your ball to avoid challenges to reach the portals.

Neon Ball - An Interesting Game

Welcome to a new rolling ball called Neon Ball! You know, there are a lot of exciting games of this type. However, this game can be considered an outstanding one because of its gameplay. I believe that after playing the game, you will like it. Many gamers, too, loved it and played this fun arcade game over and over again. Let's start playing!

Tutorial To Play Neon Ball

About the game's rules

The player's task is to guide the ball rolling to the destination. The goal is similar to many other rolling-ball games like Slope, Slope Board. However, this game will be more special when you do not control the ball rolling forward or rolling on a single flat surface. The destination you need to aim for can be placed in any location. It can be in front, behind, or even in the opposite plane. As long as you reach that destination, you can level up.

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move.

Note for players

The important thing is whether you will choose to go straight to the finish line or conquer the bigger goal of collecting 3 stars before reaching the finish line. Wherever you roll the ball, the game's track will automatically tilt there to help the ball roll easier. But it is also a fatal weakness because if the cooking is not well controlled, the neon ball may be out of the race. And you lose.

Neon Ball includes many levels, and the challenges in each level are different. The higher the level you play, the more difficult it is to help players show off their personal skills. Will you conquer them all? Remember, obstacles can end your fun at any time. Be careful with them!