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Slope Board


About Slope Board

Slope Board is an interesting game. You guide the ball into a hole to move on to more difficult challenges. The challenges are quite difficult but interesting.

Game rules

We have introduced many games in the Slope games series, such as Slope 3 or Slope Soccer. Today, a new game will be revealed and we are sure you will love it, it's Slope Board. The game incorporates the idea of rolling a steel ball, with prizes that have increased its appeal.

In the game, a ball is placed on a board with many colorful bars. Along with that is a hole at the end of the board. Your task is to move the ball and, at the same time, arrange the bars to get the ball rolling into the hole.

How to control

Players use the mouse to control. You use the mouse to arrange the bars and click on the two buttons on either side of the Slope Board to tilt the board left or right.

Some features of Slope Board

  • The game has interesting gameplay.
  • The control card is quite simple.
  • Slope Board offers players many different levels. Players need to complete the challenges of each level to conquer the most difficult levels.
  • Vivid graphics and sound make the game more thrilling and thrilling.