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Welcome to online game! This game will bring you a lot of fun with interesting gameplay, nice graphics, and many other game features. Are you ready?

What is

It's one of the most famous games in the world. The game has conquered gamers' hearts since its release and continues to conquer many other gamers, even the most demanding ones. is so popular, but have you ever wondered why it has such great power? Join us to start the game and gradually find out the reason!

Enjoy The Game

Your target

The game is an online platform that allows gamers to become the leaders and owners of an independent territory. You can choose between gradually developing that territory or taking down your opponents and invading their territory. Control a square piece of paper to move around the map. Wherever you go, your territory will be marked there. Provided that you then need to return to your area safely.

The game includes many different players around the world. You know is very popular, so there are always smart gamers in the game. If you are not careful, you can be eliminated at any time.

How to control?: Use mouse.

Some Features of

  • The game is meticulously designed and diverse; each player is represented by a unique colour.
  • Unlock skins and apply them to your papers and territories.
  • The more game modes you experience, the more you will find this game interesting and love it more.
  • Attack your opponent's torso to knock them down and eliminate them.
  • Don't bite yourself.
  •'s rankings show you your rank.
  • The game is fast-paced, creating exciting and exciting moves and attacks.

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