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Slope Ball


Slope Ball is a fun running game. Your mission is to explore mysterious lands that are guarded by dangerous animals such as dinosaurs, dragons, falls, etc.

Slope Ball Online Game

Imagine that while exploring the lands, you accidentally turned into a round ball. There are many dangers around you. Can you overcome all difficulties and free yourself? That's your own story in the Slope Ball game. Join the game and conquer the challenges!

Guide To Play Slope Ball


Unlike previous Slope games, the Slope Ball game is designed in a completely different style. This time, your task is not to roll the ball anymore but to jump and fly over obstacles.

In the dangerous lands of the game, there are many spikes and evil walls that want to stop you. In addition, there are also dangerous monsters ready to devour you. It's better to avoid colliding with them if you don't want to end the game early. The traps have been set up, and your task is to avoid them to move to the portals to level up.


The player clicks the mouse or presses the space bar or up key to control the character.

Transformations in the game

When playing the game Slope Ball, players will have the opportunity to experience different versions of the character. Sometimes, your character is a round ball; sometimes, it's a cube, or it can also be a robot. Players can completely change the character's appearance thanks to the game's list of skins. In this list, you can not only change the skins for your character but also change the skins for your means of transportation.

So, what are those vehicles? They could be UFOs or flying ships. In Slope Ball, when going through different dimensions to better suit the environment and traps of the game, the player will be provided with an airship, helping you fly over obstacles while still being safe. full. In addition, thanks to those dimensions, you can also transform from a ball into a robot, monster, rocket, etc.

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