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Stack Ball Fall 3D


About Stack Ball Fall 3D

Stack Ball Fall 3D is a famous arcade game. When the tower is spinning, there is a ball at the top of the tower. Will you help the ball fall to the bottom?

Why is it called "Stack Ball Fall 3D"?

The game allows the ball to fall down, and the person needs to break the tower and create a path for the ball. So the game is called Stack Ball Fall. This is a good game that was released and made public a few years ago. In an era of the internet, when games are becoming more and more popular, this game, although it has been around for a long time, is still always chosen.

How to control

The player presses and holds the mouse to give power to the ball. At that time, the ball will crush each layout of the tower and gradually fall to the bottom.

Guide To Master Stack Ball Fall 3D


Joining Stack Ball Fall 3D, players are tasked with bringing the ball to the bottom of the tower. However, this tower is specially built and quite solid. On the floors of the tower, interspersed with regular bricks, are special bricks that the ball cannot break. They can even detonate and burst the balloon. If you let the ball touch these tiles, the game will stop.

The way to identify these bricks is quite simple. Players only need to pay attention to the color of the tower. Any part of the tower that is a different color than most of the other parts is a dangerous place.

Fireballs in Stack Ball Fall 3D

This fireball can be considered the ultimate weapon of gamers when playing this game. It can help you destroy anything, including the strongest floors of the tower in Stack Ball Fall 3D. However, the fireball is only effective for a short period of time. Players need to take advantage of that moment to achieve the best results.

To activate the fire ball, you need to continuously break as many floors in the tower. Then, this special ball will appear and help you. Note that if the ball breaks, you do not need to return to the first level, but you will lose all points.

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