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Speedy Ball


About Speedy Ball

Basic information about the game

Speedy Ball is known as an interesting online game. Players control the ball at a fast speed to conquer all difficulties and reach the finish line successfully.

Are you interested in round balls and curious about how they move? There are many games that have developed games based on this theme, such as Slope 3 or Roller Baller games. However, if you participate in Speedy Ball's racing tracks, I am sure that you will be surprised and attracted by it. Will you try?

Guide to controlling the game

Not too different from other rolling-ball games, Speedy Ball's gameplay still focuses on controlling the ball rolling on tracks suspended in the air. As long as you don't let the ball drop, the game will continue and reveal many interesting things to you.

The player's task is to help the ball avoid obstacles on the tracks. At the same time, try to collect more diamonds. Players should also remember that their dexterity and reflexes will directly affect the outcome of the game.

How to play: Use mouse or arrow keys to control the ball.

Some features of Speed Ball

Two game modes

When participating in this game, you can easily see that the game is designed with two modes: Endless Mode and Normal Mode. In terms of gameplay, these two modes are no different, but they differ in the tasks that gamers need to complete:

  • Endless Mode allows players to comfortably play games without interruption. This mode of Speed Ball has no destination, so you control the ball to go as far as possible.
  • Normal Mode includes many different levels, and each level ends with a destination. Only when reaching those destinations can you level up and conquer more difficult challenges. Even if you fail, the game will automatically save your progress, and you just need to start again from the latest level instead of playing from the beginning.

Speed Ball's skins

There are many different skins for your ball in the game. You can collect diamonds and unlock them in the game's store. Besides, after completing some levels of the game, you can also receive them for free. In addition, Speedy Ball is special because the game's race will have skins constantly changed with different colors and shapes of some blocks.