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Hungry Shark


About Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark is an online game that any gamer should try. You will control your shark to conquer the ocean by defeating other sharks in this game.

When it comes to online games that have dominated the gaming market, Hungry Shark will definitely be one of the most prominent titles. The game is not only invested in gameplay but also images and graphics. With the goal of becoming the biggest, strongest shark, your fish needs your help!

Dominate the ocean in Hungry Shark

How to play

Participate in battles in Hungry Shark, each player will control a shark. Your task is to help your fish eat as many other fish as possible. Your shark can only defeat smaller or the same size ones as yours. At the beginning of the game, your shark has size XS, but after defeating and eating other fish in the sea, it can be leveled up to sizes M, L, XL, XXL, ... The game will end. ends when only one shark remains. Basically, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to Can you be the master of the ocean?

Some notes

  • In Hungry Shark, bombs cannot eliminate your shark, but will stun it when it hits it. Players need to pay attention to this, because it can be a reason for other opponents to take the opportunity to eliminate you. Try to seduce many fish and you can get many coins.
  • Controls: Use the mouse to control your shark. When clicking the mouse, your shark can accelerate and dash through others to kill them.
  • Players can also use coins to unlock sharks in Hungry Shark. There are shark species with different speed, dash range and dash rate indicators.