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About Online

Introduction of the game is an extremely impressive snake game. Join battles, and your mission is to collect as many light dots as possible. It will help your snake grow!

Related games is famous and well-known in the online gaming community. There are people who think that has the same flexibility in movement as the Slope 3 game. But there are also players who think that this snake game has similar features to the game. What about you? Do you think is similar to any other game?

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How to play

Control your snake to master the game's platform. You will face many other components. Each snake has the same goal of collecting as many dots as possible. The more dots you collect, the higher the score you get. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to be at the top of the game rankings.


  • Hold the left mouse button or space to accelerate
  • Move the mouse to change direction.
  • Avoid collisions!

Can I join or create a private room?

Yes. You need ti find a few other players in the same region, who would enter he same private room name after the @ symbol on the nickname field. And then, press the Play button. If at least 8 people attempt to join the same room during a 30-second interval, the room should be successfully created. The number of players who joined the room initially determines the size of the created room.