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Shell Shockers


About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers action game is waiting for you! In the game, you will participate in the eggs gunfight. Your mission is to take down as many enemies as possible.

Dive into the eggcellent world of Shell Shockers, a free-to-play, browser-based multiplayer game where eggs come armed and ready to scramble the competition. In the game, you will transform into an egg and, at the same time, be a gunner participating in this life-and-death battle. You and many other online players will be taken to the map and begin the battle. Try to collect items such as guns, bullets, and first aid to make the battle more exciting. Players need to take down as many enemies as possible and avoid losing blood. At the end of the competition, if you perform well, you can receive gifts.

Shell Shockers Online Game

Some features

Released in 2017, Shell Shockers pits egg-shaped soldiers against each other in four egg-citing game modes:

  • Free For All: Every rooster for himself in a chaotic deathmatch. Crack the most shells to reign supreme!
  • Teams: Flock together and dominate the battlefield alongside your fellow yolks.
  • Capture the Spatula: Grab the enemy's golden spatula and return it to your base for clucking glory.
  • King of the Coop: Ascend the pecking order by holding onto the crown for the longest time.

Game's weapons

  • Classic Crackers: Shotguns, pistols, and assault rifles offer reliable firepower for close-quarters combat.
  • Scrambled Shotguns: Fire multiple eggshells for a wider spread and extra yolky chaos.
  • Eggsploders: Grenade launchers and rocket launchers rain mayhem from afar.
  • Frying Pan Fury: This melee weapon delivers a satisfying smack and reflects incoming fire.
  • Power-ups: From speed boosts and temporary invincibility to egg-stra ammo and health, these can turn the tide of battle.

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