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Geometry Dash Lite


About Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a famous running game. You control your cube to run, jump, and overcome challenges. You will win when reaching the game portals.


  • Click the mouse to jump.
  • Press Z for a checkpoint.
  • Press X to delete a checkpoint.

Enjoy Geometry Dash Lite

Guide to playing the game

This game is quite popular, so many players might know how to play it. Like in Geometry Dash Maze Maps, your cube must run through challenging races. You need to guide it so that it achieves its main goal of reaching the portals.

In the Geometry Dash Lite's races, there are a lot of difficulties waiting for you. Narrow walls, sharp spikes, or dangerous traps are always available to stop you. However, if you firmly grasp the game's mechanics, you can easily overcome these challenges. You should focus on helping the cube jump up when needed or react flexibly in any situation. As long as you don't collide with obstacles, your journey will continue until you reach your goal.

Why should you play Geometry Dash Lite?

Compared to other running games, Geometry Dash Lite receives special attention. So, why? Partly because of the buzz it has created since it was first published. In addition, the game also provides many interesting features to enhance user experience. Thanks to that, it is rated much higher.

Follow the game rankings to know your achievements.

Collect coins and unlock cool skins for your cube.

There are up to 15 different maps in the Geometry Dash Lite game. Each map has two modes: Normal and Practice.