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Blumgi Slime


Blumgi Slime - Description

Blumgi Slime is a fun game to relax. In the game, you will help your slime reach its destination in the shortest time possible. You can even play with friends.

Are you looking for a new game which can meet the requirements of exciting gameplay, simple playing, and beautiful graphics? There is an amazing one that can be suitable for these conditions you gave. It is Blumgi Slime online game!

Tutorial For Playing Blumgi Slime

Reach the finish line

In this game, you will control a cute slime. Your mission is to help it to jump, jump and jump to the destination. It is put on a bar and the finish line is another bar which is set up at a distance far or near. However, to jump to the target point of Blumgi Slime, your slime needs to face many challenges. Obstacles can be in front or behind, making it unable to reach the target, and may even change direction. It is important that you use enough force to achieve your goal.

Play with your friends

Blumgi Slime offers two game modes for gamers. While 1P mode has up to 150 levels for you to conquer and kill time, 2P mode helps you relax with friends on the same device. Of course, the levels will vary in difficulty and so will the way the obstacles challenge you. In particular, in 2P mode, the player who reaches the finish line first will win. The battle takes place in 5 rounds. At the end of 5 rounds, whoever has more wins will be the overall winner.


1P mode: Use the mouse to jump. You know, slime has very good elasticity, so the longer you hold the mouse, the higher and farther your slime will jump.

2P mode:

  • Player 1: Use the A key to jump.
  • Player 2: Use the M key to jump.

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