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Animal Jump


Jump for joy with Animal Jump! You guide adorable animals across vibrant landscapes. Master your leaps, collect coins and conquer wacky obstacles.

Enjoy Animal Jump Online

What awaits you?

Animal Jump throws you right into the action. Choose your favorite furry friend from a roster of adorable animals, each with its own unique jumping style. From the kangaroo's powerful leaps to the graceful glides of a squirrel, there's an animal for every play style.

Navigate your chosen critter through whimsical levels, collecting coins and power-ups as you go. But the path ahead isn't all sunshine and rainbows! Cacti lurk around every corner and bottomless chasms threaten to send you tumbling down. Time your jumps with precision to overcome these obstacles and reach new heights.

How to play

Tap the screen to initiate a jump, and hold for a higher launch. Master the timing of your taps to clear gaps, navigate platforms, and overcome tricky obstacles. As you progress, the game introduces moving hazards and complex jumps, keeping you on your toes.

Coins scattered throughout the levels unlock new animal companions, each with its own quirky jump style. Power-ups like double jumps and temporary invincibility add a layer of strategic fun, helping you conquer even the most challenging sections.

Features of The Game

  • Unlock new animal friends with those shiny coins, so grab them whenever you can.
  • Save those double jumps and invincibility for the toughest parts of a level.
  • Mastering jump timing is crucial. Don't get discouraged, keep practicing and you'll be soaring in no time!
  • Try different jump strategies to find what works best for each level.
  • Try to avoid cacti so as not to hurt your animal.
  • Always aim for the spring bouncers so that when they land, your animal can continue to bounce higher.