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Count Masters


What is Count Masters?


Count Masters is an incredibly fun video game. Players can immerse themselves in a fun action world with the mission of taking down enemies.


The player's mission when participating in Count Masters is to control a team of stickman to confront enemies. You will be equipped with a gun, which you can use to fight opponents. Although there are quite a few opponents, don't worry. You can also increase the number of troops for your team by choosing appropriate gates on the way. Additionally, there are several options to upgrade your weapons. If the player chooses these reasonable options, the strength of your team will be significantly enhanced. Good luck!

Why should you play Count Masters?

Diverse features

  • Count Masters allows players to accumulate coins in the game. With their achievements through each battle, players will receive corresponding rewards. You can use those coins to unlock new skins for your stickman or weapon. Or, you can also watch ads to unlock them.
  • If the skin is not unlocked, players can use coins to upgrade stickman and guns. This will help you increase the number of troops in your team and increase the fire rate of your weapons. Of course, more coins are needed to upgrade them to higher levels.
  • Besides, you can also receive random gifts thanks to Count Masters' daily attendance and lucky spin.

Attractiveness in game design

The game not only has simple but interesting gameplay but also has eye-catching graphics. With diverse skins and bright graphics, the game will definitely score points in the eyes of gamers. In addition, when playing the game, you will also encounter obstacles. They can come from obstacles on the road. If you touch them, your team members can be defeated. Additionally, having red gates can also reduce the number of people. Remember, if you don't have enough numbers to face the red team, you will probably lose.

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