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Crazy Roll 3D


Have fun with Crazy Roll 3D will be a good choice for you. Explore dangerous slopes, unlock new skins and join the challenge with other players now!

Crazy Roll 3D vs. Slope

In fact, Crazy Roll 3D can be considered an upgraded version of Slope game with more perfect features. Joining this game, you will control a ball rolling on a game track with unexpected and dangerous slopes. These slopes even move and shake continuously, making it more difficult to control your ball. Your mission is to always keep your ball safe and roll as far as possible while collecting diamonds. Remember that dangers are always lurking and you need to be careful.

Controls: use the arrow keys to control your ball.

Crazy Roll 3D and its features

Game modes

The game always boasts that it can provide gamers with 3 game modes that are extremely worth trying. Surely running games lovers will never be disappointed with these modes of Crazy Roll 3D.

  • 1-Player: This is the most basic mode of the game. You will conquer the endless race with countless challenges.
  • 2-Player: This mode will give you the opportunity to experience challenges with your friends on the same device.
  • Race: This can be considered the most special mode of Crazy Roll 3D. Players can even compete with online players from all over the world. This mode's racetrack will have a finish line, will you reach the finish line first?

Crazy Roll 3D Shop

Use the diamonds you collect during the game to unlock skins in the game shop. Here, you can unlock skins for your ball. There are many meticulously designed balls with beautiful patterns. But to own balls with more beautiful special patterns, the number of diamonds you need must also be higher. Besides, changing skins for your track is also quite important. This will help your game experience become more diverse and interesting.