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Dino Jump


Welcome to Dino Jump

There is a running game called Dino Jump. This game is really exciting, in which you will control a dinosaur to overcome challenges to get the highest score.

Perhaps the Dinosaur Game is too familiar to computer users. Previously, every time you lost your network, your computer would automatically take you to an offline entertainment platform to wait for reconnection. And that is where Dinosaur Game comes from. However, that game is very popular because it is really interesting, the gameplay is simple and it can help users kill time. And now, there is a new and improved version called Dino Jump game. Start learning to master this game!

Immerse yourself in the world of Dino Jump


When playing this game, you will control a dinosaur through the stages of its buddy to grow and evolve. It was running in a forest where there were many other creatures. Your task is to help it run the farthest distance possible while avoiding crashing into creatures in the forest. The farther you run, the more clearly the development of the dinosaur in Dino Jump will be shown, and you will go through more stages of development with it.

Special things about Dino Jump

At the beginning of the game, you control a small dinosaur. However, the longer you play the game, the dinosaur will have the opportunity to experience more and more dinosaur stages. It can become a flying dinosaur, evolve into a larger dinosaur, etc. Besides, you can also collect interesting items that can help you cope with some dangers in the game.

The specialness of Dino Jump is also shown through the game controls:

  • When the dinosaur flies, you will control it the same way you play the Flappy Bird game.
  • When it runs on the ground, you will click to help it jump to avoid obstacles like in the game Geometry Dash Lite.