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Drunken Boxing


Drunken Boxing is an interesting game about boxing. In this sports game, your mission is to defeat each opponent one by one. Are you the best boxer?

Playing Drunken Boxing

Calling all fighters with a taste for the unconventional! Step into the ring, but hold on to your liver, because Drunken Boxing isn't your average martial arts game. Here, the intoxicating fumes of victory blend with the dizzying art of the wobble, creating a hilarious and challenging experience that will test your reflexes and tickle your funny bone.

The Art of Inebriated Combat

Forget the stoicism of traditional fighting games! Your character, perpetually inebriated, stumbles and sways across the arena, their punches as unpredictable as their balance. Mastering this wobbly style requires quick thinking and strategic use of the environment.

Learn to utilize your drunken stumbles to dodge attacks, land off-kilter blows, and exploit your opponent's overconfidence. Remember, in Drunken Boxing, sometimes the most devastating punch is the one you never saw coming.

Control instructions

  • PLAYER 1: User the WASD to control.
  • PLAYER 2: Use the arrow keys to control.

Tips for Winning

  • Spend time getting comfortable with your character's movement patterns. Experiment with different fighting styles and learn how to transition between them seamlessly.
  • Don't fight your character's drunken movements. Learn to use them to your advantage! Time your dodges with stumbles, land off-balance punches, and exploit gaps created by your opponent's overconfidence in your lack of control.
  • Use your character's drunken demeanour to your advantage. Taunt your opponent, feint attacks, and create openings through unpredictable behavior.
  • Watch skilled players and learn from their strategies. Pay attention to their movement patterns, power-up choices, and how they exploit their opponent's weaknesses.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies and tactics. Remember, Drunken Boxing is about having fun, so embrace the chaos and enjoy the unpredictable nature of the game!

Platform: Slope 3