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Dynamons 7


About Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is an extremely attractive game. If you love smart and strong animals, join this strategy game and accompany them. You will like it!

In fact, Dynamons games are no longer strange to the gaming community. Because there are many different versions of the game that have been published and serve the entertainment needs of users. However, Dynamons 7 is quite special because it is a new version and has been improved based on player feedback.

How to play Dynamons 7

Game rules

Join this exciting game, as a captain, the first thing you will do is choose a Dynamon. Start participating in battles. The player's task is to help his Dynamon develop reasonable strategies in the battle and try to win. Players need to remember that each Dynamon has its own coach, and they also have strategies, so be careful!

Additionally, Dynamons without a captain to guide them are called Wild Dynamons. When fighting them, if you are interested, you can catch them and make them yours. As a captain, you will guide VFA to help them become stronger and stronger in the battles for survival.

Some notes that you should know

  • The captains all possess many different Dynamons. But when they start participating in the war, they can bring 3 pets. Thanks to that, during the battle, you can switch the Dynamons together, taking turns participating in the battle to win.
  • After each battle, if you win, you can not only help your warrior increase experience points (XP) but also receive many rewards such as items, coins, diamonds.
  • Players can use diamonds to upgrade Dynamons' levels and then unlock new skills.

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