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Element Balls


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Element Balls is an attractive online game. The player controls the ball to move to the finish line without causing any accidents to level up in the game.

How to control

Players use the mouse or arrow keys to move the ball. In addition to this game, if you are interested in a rolling-ball game with speed, you can try Slope 3. Or, Stack Ball Fall 3D is also a game worth trying.

Welcome to Element Balls

Continuing with the series of ball rolling games, today we will introduce to gamers a quite attractive game called Element Balls. Although it has the same game genre, this game has quite special but no less interesting rules. Are you curious what that is? Let's learn about them in the next part!

Game's rules

Element Balls include many different levels. To complete each level, the goal of gamers is to reach the game's destination. However, to achieve this goal, you also need to be very skillful and understand the rules of the game.

From the starting point to the finish line of the game, players will have to confront many dangers. They are colorful elements that can burst the ball as soon as they are touched. Remember, even if it's just a very slight collision, the ball will explode immediately. Then, you lose. So, what needs to be done to overcome these challenges?

The player can go through elements that have the same color as the ball. For example, on the tracks of the Element Balls game, there are green, blue, and red elements, while the ball is red. The ball will only break when touching elements of different colors, such as green and blue, and will be safe when touching red ones. Thanks to that, you can take advantage of these characteristics to complete challenges. However, the color of the ball will change through each level, so you need to pay attention to this.