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Greedy Rabbit


Description of Greedy Rabbit

Greedy Rabbit offers a fun online running platform. Control your rabbit to collect vegetables as well as coins and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Are you looking for a simple but fun game for fun? If you are looking for such a game, we are happy to bring Greedy Rabbit to you. This running game will definitely be a suitable online game. It not only has interesting and fun gameplay but also super cute graphics.

Playing Greedy Rabbit

Your goal in the game

Join this running game, and you will be accompanied by a cute rabbit. You know, rabbits love to eat vegetables, especially carrots. Therefore, this time, your mission is to collect carrots, cabbage, Eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes. However, each of these vegetables is designed into a series of different levels. You need to meet certain requirements of Greedy Rabbit to be able to unlock and enjoy them.

Players try to collect vegetables, then head towards the portal to complete the level and move on to other challenges. Remember that only when you collect all the required vegetables will the portal appear. Besides, try to collect stars, they will be useful to you.


  • Up - Flip
  • Left - Jump left
  • Right - Jump right
  • Down - Stop/ run

And that is the information about the game Greedy Rabbit. Hopefully the above information will be useful to you, helping you better understand the game and grasp the basic information to easily master the game. Also, if you like running games, don't miss Slope 3, and GGG.