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Ninja Vs Virus 2


About Ninja Vs Virus 2

Ninja Vs Virus 2 is an impressive arcade game. Your task is to destroy all viruses that appear on the screen. The more you kill, the higher the score you get.

Viruses are extremely dangerous, and not good for humans. However, today it appears more and more. As a ninja in the game Ninja Vs Virus 2, you need to stop their growth and spread. Can you do it?

Join in Ninja Vs Virus 2

Master the game

If you have ever played games like Ninja Fruit, you will easily master this game. Basically, they have the same gameplay. When viruses appear on the screen, the ninja's job is to slash them until they are destroyed. Viruses that are just starting out will be easier to defeat. As they progress, they get stronger, and you need to slash many times to defeat them. However, don't be discouraged because although it is difficult, if you destroy them, the score you receive will even increase many times. So, what could your record be? Join Ninja Vs Virus 2 and take on the challenge!

Power-ups in Ninja Vs Virus 2

Players need to select objects to destroy in this attractive game. You destroy viruses, but in the process, sometimes bombs appear. If you accidentally hit them, 5 points will be deducted.

In addition to bombs, players can receive power-ups as support from the game. When a pill appears, slash it immediately, and you will receive extra points. Besides, Ninja Vs Virus 2 will count the time, and the countdown timer will count down to 60 seconds before the game ends. But if the player wants to extend the time to enjoy the game, you should slash the clocks with wings. Sometimes, they appear the same way the pill did.

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