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Red Ball Bounce


About Red Ball Bounce

Red Ball Bounce brings gamers to an exciting world. In the game, you will be a red ball with the aim of defeating enemies and rescuing your world.

The game has extreme content that your world is invaded by creatures from the square planet. Meanwhile, you are a ball - a circle of creatures, and all the inhabitants of your world are also round. Your enemies, with a plot to turn your world into a square planet like theirs, have arrested the people here, including your friends and relatives. You are the only survivor and have a chance to find peace in the world. Can you do it?

Tutorial to Play Red Ball Bounce

Infiltrate the enemy base

Square creatures are holding your dwellers captive at their base. You will enter it and find a way to save your friends. However, this location is very carefully guarded. They set up traps and guards to ensure safety. Players will conquer and overcome all those challenges. You can jump on top of enemies to destroy them. If you like such thrilling running games, Slope 3 and G-Switch 4 are also not bad suggestions.

Control instructions

You can use keyboard A/D to control the hero's move and use keyboard W to control the hero's jump. Or, you can use the arrow keys and spacebar to do the same thing.

Change Skins

In addition to performing the main mission, Red Ball Bounce is more interesting when it allows players to change skins for the character. From a red ball, you can turn into a yellow ball, soccer ball, or basketball. These skins are always available in the game store. However, you need to get stars to buy them. So, how can you get stars? Red Ball Bounce stars are scattered throughout the game. During the process of mastering the game, you will have many opportunities to collect them. Good luck!