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Skate Hooligans


About Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans is an online running game. You will be in the company of Max, an active little boy who needs to escape the chase of the police.

The game is inspired by famous running games. In particular, it especially has similarities with Subway Surfers, an attractive running game. However, the boy Max in this game is not passionate about drawing graffiti. He loves skateboarding. He was being chased by the policeman because he broke the glass of a building.

Mastering Skate Hooligans

How to play

Mission: In the game, you will navigate to help Max run on the streets with busy traffic without causing accidents. There are many potential dangers waiting for you, such as vehicles on the road, barriers, railways, etc. As long as you don't crash into them, the risk of being caught by the police is lower. Good luck.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Use the spacebar to jump.
  • Press 2 to use the power-ups.

Some features of the game

Skate Hooligans provides players with many interesting features. With the coins collected through each gameplay, you can buy power-ups to make your in-game experience better. Some power-ups in the game, such as magnets and x2, help increase the amount of coins collected; cars help you run at high speed and go through everything without danger. However, these power-ups will only be effective for a short time.

In addition, you can also unlock skins in Skate Hooligans. The game has a collection of skins for your skateboard. Maps and characters can also be changed if you meet the game's requirements. Try to achieve high results to enter the game rankings.

When talking about running games, in addition to prominent names like Skate Hooligans and Subway Surfers, we cannot help but mention Slope 3 - a legendary game that everyone should try.