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Super Hero Driving School


About Super Hero Driving School

Super Hero Driving School is a car-driving game. You accompany your hero to control a car and try to reach the destination, then receive rewards.

Super Hero Driving School throws you behind the wheels of incredible superhero vehicles in a free, online game unlike any other. Gear up for a wacky driving school unlike any you've seen before!

Gameplay in Super Hero Driving School

Forget dusty driving tracks. Race through vibrant cityscapes, dodge airships in the clouds, and navigate obstacle courses filled with loops, jumps, and power-ups. Show off your hero's flair with flips, spins, and drifts! Rack up points for stylish maneuvers and impress your instructors. As you conquer challenges, earn rewards to unlock new vehicles and upgrade their performance. Become the ultimate super driver!

Controls: Click and hold the mouse computer to control.

Super features of the game

  • Learn from a cast of quirky superhero instructors, each with a unique personality and training style.
  • Test your skills, race through tracks, perform epic stunts, and see who reigns supreme in the driver's seat.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for hidden tokens scattered throughout the levels. Collect them all to unlock secret vehicles and customization options.
  • The core game is completely free-to-play, with optional upgrades available for those who want to push their heroic driving to the limit.

Tips for Super Hero Driving School

  • Don't just focus on speed. Crashes cost valuable time and points. Practice smooth manoeuvring and take corners with care.
  • Each vehicle is handled differently. Experiment and master the unique controls of each one.
  • While not essential, incorporating stunts into your run is a great way to rack up points and unlock new vehicles faster. Start with simple flips and spins, and gradually work your way up to more complex manoeuvres.
  • Don't get discouraged if you don't ace a level on your first try. The tracks are designed to challenge you, so keep practising to improve your times and stunt skills.

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