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Sweet Run


Sweet Run allows players to enjoy an exciting and adorable race. Accompany your donut and conquer dangerous ways in this running game. Good luck!

Sweet Run Instructions


Participating in this game, you will transform into an extremely cute donut. The player's task is to collect as many candies as possible. These candies can help you unlock game features. Sweet Run can make a huge impression on gamers. The game is designed with cute graphics, from the racetrack to the enemies. You will be chased by dangerous monsters, and you can only get safety when reaching the gifting box. In addition to the candies, you may also be in danger from the chocolate flow. Don't fall down there, you will be killed.

How to control

  • Click the mouse or press the arrow key to jump. Hold them to jump higher.
  • Use the down arrow key to roll.

Sweet Run Costumes

As mentioned, with the number of candies you collect while conquering the game, players can unlock new skins. There are many interesting skins in this game. If you have the chance, you should unlock them all and pick out your favorite skins. Ninja, Mexican, Dinasour, Vampire, or Hodor,... are all very attractive skins. The skins in Sweet Run require you to spend some candies to unlock them. The lowest-priced skins are 500 candies, while the highest priced is 1500 candies.

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