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Avatar Game


About Avatar Game

Avatar Game is a special version of the running game series called Geometry Dash. Players control the character to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Geometry Dash game

It can be said that this is a series of games, a famous phenomenon and has never ceased to be "hot" in the running online game genre. In fact, its first version was announced a long time ago, but until now, it is still a prominent name and favoured by gamers. Besides, there are also many fans of this game series who constantly update their new products based on the original version. Since then, many new games have been born, including Avatar Game.


Speaking of Avatar, perhaps movie fans around the world know it. Like Geometry Dash, this movie has also had a strong foothold in the film industry for many years. In 2023, the next episode of the movie aired and continued to stir up every box office. Thus, the combination of these two legends has created an extremely perfect Avatar Game, a game that maintains the gameplay of Geometry Dash while also imbuing the design style of Avatar movies.

Mastering Avatar Game Online

Play the game

When participating in the challenge of this game, you will accompany the blue-skinned character inspired by Jake Sully. The player's task is to jump over dangerous obstacles. Don't let the spike traps, walls, or iron teeth make it difficult or hinder you. Jump over them or fly up to weave through the gaps to safely get past them all. You will complete the mission when you complete the route on each map. Track your progress through the progress bar.

Control instructions

  • Click the mouse to control.
  • Press Z to set a checkpoint in the Practice mode.
  • Press X to delete a checkpoint in the Practice mode.

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