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Candy Rain 5


Candy Rain 5 is a matching game that is so interesting. Try to match and collect items according to the game's requirements. The candy world is waiting for you.

Why Should You Play Candy Rain 5

Easy gameplay

In this game, you have an opportunity to explore a wonderful world that has candies. Your missions will be based on the game's requirements. But don't worry! The tasks are usually to collect candies, either chocolate or ice.

To do that, you need to match them together. Each of the three candies can be matched and clear from the board. It means you collected them, but you can only do it when they are next to each other. Besides, each Candy Rain 5's level gives you a number of moves. Either you must complete our mission before running out of moves, or you are a loser.

Exciting features

The game is interesting in gameplay and helps players have unique experiences and game features. You will be immersed in a lovely world of bright colors. When playing Candy Rain 5, you also gradually receive gifts such as coins or power-ups. These power-ups will help you turn challenges into opportunities for you to win more easily. In addition, the game also provides players with a series of levels with increasing difficulty to challenge them.

Tips For Playing Candy Rain 5

  • If you've never played this matching game, don't miss the game's detailed instructions. They will help you better understand the gameplay and your missions.
  • Combining the use of power-ups will help you quickly pass levels. But you should not overuse them, it may cause waste.
  • Instead of combining 3 candies, combining 4 or 5 ones when possible will create stronger and more beneficial reactions for you.
  • Don't forget to pay attention to the moves and tasks right at the start of the game to have reasonable strategies.

Platform: Slope 3

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