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Freddy Run 3


About Freddy Run 3

Freddy Run 3 is an interesting adventure game. Help Freddy overcome the dangers of his nightmare. Your mission is to collect coins and face enemies.

Tonight, after playing games, Freddy went to bed. However, he had a nightmare. In that nightmare, Freddy saw himself in the game he played at night. He finds himself lost in a mysterious castle with many treasures, but it is guarded by dangerous monsters. Will Freddy be safe? You will be the one to help him.

Freddy Run 3 Unblocked Game

Play the game

In this running game, you will help the boy explore the whole castle. Players need to start from the first rooms, where the challenges are considered the simplest. Here, you will see many strange things, like taking pictures. In addition, there are many scorpions and sword-wielding skeletons who guard the castle. If you are attacked by them, you may be eliminated from the challenge of Freddy Run 3. Also, try to collect as many coins as possible. Until you find the last door to escape the room, you will not be able to level up or move to another location.

How to control

  • Left arrow key - run left
  • Right arrow key - run right
  • Up arrow key - jump
  • Down arrow key - bow
  • X - shoot

Some features of Freddy Run 3

There are many levels corresponding to rooms for you to explore.

  • It has interesting gameplay and simple controls.
  • The player must have 3 lives to complete the mission. At the end of these 3 lives, your mission is considered incomplete, and your achievements will not be saved.
  • The player jumps on the scorpion's head to destroy it and receives 100 points.
  • Shoot the skeleton to defeat it and get 200 points.

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