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Jump Temple


About Jump Temple

Jump Temple is an arcade game. It is so fun with simple gameplay. You need to avoid obstacles while collecting coins and stars before reaching your destination.

What do you think about becoming a ninja and exploring the ancient temple? If you are interested, visit and join us in the game Jump Temple! There are many mysteries and treasures in this temple, are you ready to discover them all?

Jump Temple - Play The Game

Explore the temple

Participating in this arcade game, you will transform into a female ninja who is agile and agile but also very intelligent. Your mission is to collect treasures in the ancient temple. However, this temple is quite large and dangerous, forcing you to master the skills of a ninja. While collecting stars and coins, you also need to pay attention to obstacles. They can take your life, so don't be subjective. Grabbing coins is important, but so is keeping yourself alive. As long as you survive and reach the portal, your mission is complete.

How to control: Tap the mouse to control the ninja. Tap many times to jump higher.

Features of Jump Temple

The game has two modes: Normal and Arcade. In Normal Modes, you will conquer the temple through each level by reaching the destinations. Meanwhile, Arcade Mode will have no destination. The farther you conquer, the better.

Players can use coins for many purposes, such as:

  • Revival
  • Buy Invisibility to increase invisibility after armor use
  • Buy Coin Magnet to help collect more coins
  • Buy More Coins to increase the amount of coins
  • Buy Score Boosters to increase multiplayer by 3

Platform for play: Slope 3

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