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Monster Match 3


About Monster Match 3

Monster Match 3 is a puzzle game that anyone should play. In the game, players match 3 identical monsters together. Compete with other players.

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Conquer game's levels

The player's task is to eliminate all monster cards on the board in each game level. The challenges at each level will become more and more difficult. Each card carries an image, which can be the same or different. You need to find identical cards and match them to remove them from the board. Every 3 identical cards, when linked, will disappear. You will complete the level when you eliminate them all. In particular, the cards in Monster Match 3 will be stacked on each other. If you want the images below to appear, you need to remove the above ones first.

Features of Monster Match 3

This puzzle game is very popular with gamers because it integrates many interesting features that not all puzzle games can do. In addition to playing through each level, you can also participate in the ranking mode, where gamers worldwide also participate. In this mode, once you lose, when you come back to play you will have to start from the beginning. Meanwhile, your achievements will be safer with Level mode because they will be saved. Hope you conquer the records!

In addition, you can participate in Monster Match 3 challenges when you have enough experience. For example, when reaching level 16, you can participate in Quick Match, participate in Daily Challenge starting at level 30. And immerse yourself in Limited matches after unlocking level 45.

With personal achievements, players can earn coins in the game. You can use it to buy skins, unlock different themes and even sence. They will bring you a completely new and exciting feeling.

Platform: Slope 3

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