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Goober Royale


Why should you play Goober Royale?

Goober Royale is an attractive survival game. Control your Goober to participate in battles, use weapons and fight against others. Good luck!

If you are looking for a multiplayer game that can help you enjoy with friends anytime, or even kill time with unfamiliar players, Goober Royale is for you. This action game is both thrilling and extremely adorable. This promises to be a great solution for any gamer in their spare time!

The battles of Goober Royale

Accompany with your Goober

Your adorable character will be equipped with weapons before participating in a battle. Your task is to control him, help him go through the battle smoothly. Try to avoid bullets and dangerous traps from enemies. At the same time, find ways to confront them, use weapons and take down enemies as soon as possible. In particular, your Goober is equipped with jets, so he can completely fly high. But players need to pay attention because to fly, they need energy. If you fly for a long time, you will gradually run out of energy. You can track this energy on the character's energy bar.

How to control

  • Use the A/D key to navigate
  • Use the W to fly
  • Click the mouse to attack

Features of the game

The game offers you different game modes. There are 3 extremely interesting modes, they allow you to play solo, play with friends, or even play in a team.

  • Battle Royale: A battle between 26 Goobers. The player who survives last after the battle is the winner. Also, try to defeat multiple enemies to increase your achievements.
  • Ranked Squads: There are 4 teams with 4 different colours that will participate in the battle. You will be a member of one of them.
  • Custom Game: Here, you can enjoy Goober Royale with your friends. Create a private room or enter a code to join a similar room.

In addition, the game also has a collection of skins for characters and weapons. You can consult. After levelling up in the game, you will receive interesting gifts. Furthermore, don't forget to regularly check the tasks list, you may receive surprises there.

Goober Royale will take you to an extremely interesting world. This action game promises to be a great solution for any gamer in their spare time! You can also refer to some other action games like Dynamons 7 and Ninja Vs Virus 2.